Free Food Given Out

Thursday, October 15, 2020, free groceries will be pre packed and distributed to those who come to the Generatins Building at 319 E Lincoln St in Luverne, MN. Starting at 4:30 the food will be available at the east door for those walking. If you are driving, please come to the west door and the groceries will be put in your vehicle. Please practice Covid Safety recomendations.

Thursday, Sept. 17 free groceries will again be distributed at the Generations Building, located at 319 E Lincoln St. Due to Covid Safety, boxes will be prepacked and loaded into your vehicle when you drive up to the west door. If walking someone will help you at the east door.

Distribution will start at 4:30 until the food is gone. Please share this information with friends and family.

Free Groceries on May 21

Groceries will be available for pick up on Thursday, May 21. Those walking, please use the East Door and a Volunteer will safely hand you the packages. Those driving please enter the West Lot on Lincoln St. and volunteers will place the packages in your vehicle. Packages of food will be available starting at 4:30.

Free Groceries

Food will be available Thursday, April 16 at the Generations Building in Luverne. Due to the Corona Virus we ask that those who are walking use the East Door to receive the food in a safe manner. Those who are driving use the West Door and Please stay in your vehicle, pop your trunk and food will be placed inside your vehicle. We plan to start distributing at 4:30.

Variety of Groceries

Free Food Available Thursday, August 15,2019

Free food will be distributed at the Generations Building in Luverne, starting at 4:30.  If possible bring your bag, boxes or totes.  We appreciate if you tell your friends and neighbors.

A paper bag full of groceries, surrounded by a panorama of fruits, vegetables, bread, bottled beverages, and canned goods. White background with light drop shadow.